Why Kokikai?

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Why Kokikai?


 Personal Development

 Training Style

  • Learn a system of personal development
  • Acquire skills that could become an integral part of your life's journey
  • Develop brain power by training your body and mind in something totally new and different
  • Remain calm in difficult and stressful situations as a result of your Aikido training


  • Train in a supportive, non-competitive environment
  • Maintain or enhance physical fitness
  • Enjoy a cooperative co-ed environment
  • Teacher’s act as coaches, not drill sergeants
  • Advance at your own rate

   Japanese Culture


  • Develop a greater understanding of Japanese culture
  • Learn basic Japanese language


  • Earn colored belts at regular intervals
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment with your dojo


 Self Defense

  • Become part of the Aikido Kokikai community
  • Opportunity to attend national camps and seminars, one led by Kokikai founder in Boston!
  • There are other dojos across the country where the same style of Aikido is practiced.
  • Add to your network of friends and aquantainces



  • Learn practical skills of self defense immediately
  • Develop your power through mind body coordination
  • Use practical modern techniques to evade real attacks in a non-violent way







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Aikido Kokikai Chinatown

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