Typical Class Description

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 A Class at the Dojo

Here is a description of a typical class in Kokikai Aikido.  Why not join us soon "on the mat?"

The class is dividend into two sections.  The first half hour includes, warm-ups, ki development exercises and rolling practice.  During the next hour Sensei teaches techniques to students by demonstrating the technique on one student at the front of the class.  Then the students practice the technique on each other. 

Sensei Randolph bows to students at the start of class and then leads students doing warm-ups.  We do about 10 minutes of warm-ups each class.

Sensei Randolph leads students in Ki Development Exercises.  We do about 10 minutes of KI Development exercises each class.  Click here to find out more about Ki Development!

Rolling Practice.  Sensei Randolph looks on while students practice rolls.  We do front roll, back roll (click here to see a video of the class doing back rolls)and standing front roll as well as swari waza (knee walking-click here to see the class doing knee walking) and other designated by Sensei Randolph.

Sensei Randolph Demonstrates Technique in front of the class.  Students watch the technique demonstrated several times and then divide into partners, groups or a line to practice the technique.  About an hour is devoted to technique practice.  Normally 3-4 techniques are demonstrated and practiced each class.  Click here to see a video of students practicing technique during class!  Click here to see a viedo of a typical class demonstration!

Here students are practicing technique.  Sensei looks on and guides students in their execution of technique during practice.  Click here to see the class practicing an attack from behind called ushiro!

At the end of class, students line up again and bow with Sensei Randolph to shomen.  Here Sensei Randolph is giving an announcement to the class.  Students and Sensei then bow to each other to end the class.  Then students bow to each other to thank each other for practicing with them.