Benefits of Aikido

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What is Aikido?

Physical and Psychological benefits

During Aikido study, we learn to relax and move from the center of the body.  We use Mind/Body coordination to develop such qualities as timing and relaxation. 

Knowing how to relax can have many benefits in one's business and personal life, weather one is giving a presentation or facing an upset client.  Learning this type of self control can help us to develop self confidence in difficult situations. 

We learn to face rather than to back off from conflict.  Facing conflict develops self confidence as well as more options for self-defense.

Aikido is for the modern world

Aikido techniques can be used in real-life situations that do not require extensive physical force.  Aikido can be used when defending against multiple attackers.  You do not have to be strong or large to be effective in Aikido.

Aikido is for everyone!

There are no weight classes in aikido.  Men and women practice together and we work collaboratively to develop our skills and have fun.  In Aikido, we compare our progress with our selves rather than each other.  Rarely is someone an Aikido prodigy from the start, everyone works to develop their skills.  Many claim to develop important insights into their lives by practicing Aikido because of overcoming obstacles.

Qualified, One on One Instruction

If you are looking for a place to develop skills such as relaxation and to embrace rather than fight conflict, you have come to the right place.  In no time you will developed yourself in ways you never imagined!  You can't learn Aikido from a tape or a book.  Qualified instruction is the only way to learn and we have some of the best instructors here in Boston. 


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Every life involves conflict, weather with the environment, other people or us.  In Aikido we learn to look at conflicts not as something to be avoided or struggled with but as a creative force of change which makes true growth and learning possible!

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